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Red Smiley Heart Beads – Lampwork Beads, Approx 15x15mm, Thickness Approx 5mm


Handmade item

Heart Bead: width: 15 Millimetres; height: 15 Millimetres

Materials: Glass

Style: Heart

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WARNING CHOKING HAZARDS & SHARP EDGES. Keep out of reach of children.

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Red Smiley Heart BeadsLampwork Beads, Approx 15x15mm, Thickness Approx 5mm


  • Materials: Glass
  • Bead size: 15 millimetres
  • Bead hole size: 1 millimetres

Decorative Ideas:

Lampwork beads are stunning handmade pieces created by blowing molten glass over a flame and forming it to create these unique shapes. These are very popular and are a great addition to any DIY Jewellery Projects ideas that you may have.


The Story
  • Glass beads are usually formed using factory production methods (there are several) which can produce vast quantities of identical beads very rapidly.
  • However, the oldest method of making beads is by hand. This is more time-consuming and, because they are hand-made, each bead may be very slightly different from the one before. It is for that reason that all sizes for lampwork beads are approximate.


How is it made?
  • A gas torch is needed to heat rods of glass until they melt. Secondly, wind the melting glass around a “mandrel”.
  • A mandrel is a simple stainless steel rod and diameter will match the hole size required for that particular sized bead. It is covered in “bead release” to enable it to be withdrawn when the bead has cooled.
  • This process continues, using rods of different colours if required, until the bead has been completed.
  • After completion, the bead cannot be allowed to cool quickly as this sets up internal pressures that can result in the bead fracturing. Instead it must be “annealed”.
  • Beads are annealed by placing them in a kiln or annealing oven at a temperature between 900 – 1100º F (482 – 593ºC) and then gradually reducing the heat to zero. This gradual cooling allows the internal stresses to dissipate and for the various layers of glass to bond together.


Lastly, We do hope you enjoy our Red Smiley Heart Beads – Lampwork Beads as much as we do.

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