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Yellow Flower Mosaic, Approx 20x20x10mm


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Handmade item

Yellow Flower: width: 20 Millimetres; length: 20 Millimetres; height: 10 Millimetres

Materials: Glass

Style: Flower

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WARNING CHOKING HAZARDS & SHARP EDGES. Keep out of reach of children.

30 in stock

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Yellow Flower Mosaic, Approx 20x20x10mm

Materials: Glass (Yellow Flower Mosaic)


  • Width: 20 millimetres
  • Height: 10 millimetres
  • Depth: 20 millimetres


Decorative Ideas

Glass Mosaic make a very nice decorative piece to fit different places and occasions, be it at home, as a small gift or even to beautify your living area.

  • Glass fusing allows the creation of colorful, dynamic works of glass art that are completely unique
  • Decorative Embellishments are a great way to add colour, shape and texure to the mosaics.


The Story:

Glass mosaic is a traditional form of glasswork where pieces of glass are used to embellish decorative art, structures, and furniture. In addition, as makers, mosaics allows us to explore our creativity and create unique designs. Mosaic-making develops practical skills such as hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and organizational abilities:

  • Mosaics are nicknamed ´the eternal pictures´ because of their durability.
  • Glass bring unlimited colour possibilities to the art of mosaic.
  • These dancing, jewel-like fragments appear in all sorts of variations – from almost random embellishments and flourishes to entire mosaics, where glass is used like paint on a canvas: subtle, rich and visually intense.
  • From dusky and matte to enchantingly shiny and translucent, glass mosaic come in a large variety of shades and finishes, which makes them unmatched in terms of aesthetics. Secondly, because of their versatility glass mosaic are perfect for any type of customization.
  • Needless to say, glass mosaic with it’s gloss colour and shine will always captivate the individual looking at it. Moreover, easily placed and arrangeable in any surrounding.


Lastly, We do hope you enjoy our glass mosaic work as much as we do.

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